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What was that song?

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music from television
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Morbo. He mods if girlglowstoxic is indisposed.

Welcome To Greys Music.

This community is for songs from television. Not just for Grey's Anatomy songs. Any show/ movie featured on television is acceptable to request songs from. A more detailed outline of the rules/guidelines can be found here

[*]Request Post is here.
[*]Promotion is allowed as long as communites are music related.
[*]No hotlinking.
[*]No intro posts unless you are also posting a request/music.
[*]Comment are always appreciated.

Use this text to properly post music into an entry.

Promotional Button

The RIAA dictates that all music
downloaded should be removed after
previewing for twenty-four hours.
What you do with the music you
collect here is your own responsibility.

Minions-nonvenomous, darkpoliticks

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