season 3 songs

Okay I know last time I made a mistake (stupid ABC music guide) and uploaded the wrong songs from eppy 1...I think I missed some and accidentally put some from episode 2 (again, I hate the ABC music guide), but here's what the official site had to say about episode 2 songs

"The Time Is Now"Moloko 
"Crashing Down"Mat Kearney 
"Theme From Chalets"The Chalets 
"The Mating Game"Bittersweet 
"Running On Sunshine"Jesus Jackson 
"Open Your Eyes"Snow Patrol

download here

and here are the (correct, i hope) 3x01 songs 

"Lullaby"The Dixie Chicks 
"Take Me Anywhere"Tegan & Sara 
"Quicksand"Sleeping At Last 
"Nothing Brings Me Down"Emiliana Torrini 
"Gone Daddy Done"Gnarls Barkley 
"Under The Milky Way"Grant Lee Phillips 
"All I Need"Mat Kearney 

download here

hope i got them all! Both are .zip files on yousendit, if you have problems with yousendit please let me know and i'll upload them somewhere else =D


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